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"Continuous Improvement is Better Than Delayed Perfection."- Mark Twain
Inside St. Joseph's Chapel on campus
Arch at Holy Cross college

Capstone Presentation

I extend an open invitation to my Holy Cross Capstone presentation to you.

April 17th, 2013

At 4:00pm in the Pfeil Center Conference Room




    Welcome to my eFolio. I am Cathrynne Swartzentruber and a senior at Holy Cross College, nestled in the non-mountinous region of Notre Dame, Indiana. As one of three Art majors graduating this semester, I have gained quite a unique Holy Cross experience and education.

       The quote at the top of the page, "Continuous Improvement is Better than Delayed Perfection" is my theme. What my theme does is help summarize my experience here at Holy Cross and my life experience so far in one quote. It also describes what I believe in personally. This theme will pop up at various points throughout my eFolio.

      A common question is, "what is an eFolio?" An eFolio is a digital portfolio used to showcase my collegiate career at Holy Cross College. It summarizes the four pillars of Holy Cross and specific classes that influenced me the most. There are links to each one in the upper left corner of this website.

       In relationship to the Four Pillars, I have the Mind, Body, Spirit and College-Wide Competencies listed. Each of these are explained in more detail on seperate pages and their relationship to my Holy Cross experience.

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